Sunday, July 17, 2011

Morning Journal

When morning gilds the skies my heart awaking cries:
May Jesus Christ be praised!
Alike at work and prayer, to Jesus I repair:
May Jesus Christ be praised!
When you begin the day, O never fail to say,
May Jesus Christ be praised!
And at your work rejoice, to sing with heart and voice,
May Jesus Christ be praised!

German hymn, author unknown

The birds were busy this morning,  as they crisscrossed staccato clouds. Roused from their nightime secrets places of slumber, they now have places to go, things to do.

Bunny is busy too, zig-zagging further down the street. It was a gilded sunrise, everything washed in peach......I had a great night's sleep and I feel rested, first time in four days.

The moon still hangs lazily above the cloud bank to my right. I guess she is not ready to wake up on the other side of the world just yet.

What a luxury it is to sit here and watch the world wake up.

In my memory, I see myself, my Dad, a group of us standing in a circle holding hands on a green lawn, still damp with dew. We are singing the song, "Morning Has Broken." Celebration in the air......

It is Easter sunrise.

Today I had another.

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