Tuesday, July 26, 2011

He is near you.....

Ours is a day when people feel a sense of the absence of God. We see no burning bushes, no pillars of fire, no incarnate Christ walking in our midst. We feel abandoned, thrown to the waters of a hostile or even worse, indifferent universe. We seem locked into a world from which there is no exit, no stairway to the stars. RC Sproul, The Holiness of God

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

In his classic book, which I am reading now. Dr. Sproul talks about the life of Jacob. If ever anyone should have his eyes open to the things of God it is the Grandson of Abraham. But it seems that much of Jacob's life was spent concentrating on the things of the world, he was pretty indifferent to God for the most part.....until the night he spent that night in the desert and had that dream. God became real to Him then. Did he just all of a sudden appear? No, He had been there all the time.

"Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not even aware of it." Genesis 28:16

Sproul says: He was not remote from Jacob, but Jacob had missed him all his life. Jacob was unaware of the presence of God. This tragic ignorance of God's presence is played out in our culture every day in the lives of millions of people. God is here, but we are unaware. The moment awareness of His divine presence begins, the deepest personal struggle a person can experience begins as well.

Once we are made aware of Him, a decision has to be made. It is testimony of God's great mercy and love for us that we have those "Jacob's Ladder" moments.
He further states, and I love this one: "People in awe never complain that church is boring."

There are times when I wandered around like Jacob in my life, unaware and disconnected from God......but thankfully, I had my moment in the desert like Jacob. It was nothing I did.....but something God did. I didn't deserve it, I still don't.....After that time I was never the same, though I wandered at times, I always knew that He was there.

Is there. For always and forever.


  1. Oh, I like this one so much! Truly He is here when we become more aware.

  2. Hi Lori,
    Thank you for this post today, I have been in a dry place spiritually for the past few days..And at a time in my life that I need to feel God close to me more than ever..I have been prayed over more than once and annointed with oil, and I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, but I feel like I'm walking along an edge of a cliff and there's a cold chill on one side and the Father's hand is there on the other if I could only hang on tighter..I forget that HE holds onto me..I must open my spiritual eyes and see again. Even if I can't sense Him I know He is always there. This post was what I needed today. Thank you dear sister in Christ.


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