Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buggy thoughts......

I saw it as I wiped the cleaning rag over my bathroom counter. It was so small I almost thought it was a microscopic particle of dirt or something else, until it moved. Something made me look closer. It was so very, very small. How very large my counter top must look, as big as a whole world! I wondered how it even knew where it was going, for it certainly seemed to have a destination. There was something about the way it was just there. Any other day I may have just scrunched it up in a towel, because, after all.....it was so very small.

It moved me, watching that little bug. I could have smashed it without a second thought....sent it to a watery grave, and yet it didn't know that. That's what got to me, I guess. How many people are walking around just like that little bug, clueless that the God who created them has the power to stop their breath in an instant. And His great mercy keeps them going, because He loves them so much.

Loves all of us so much.

It humbled me, thinking of that little bug. So unaware of my bigness and its smallness....So unaware of what I could do. What I might have done another day. I think it was that thought alone that made me take it outside to a safe place. It was just too small to survive indoors. This morning, something in me needed to save it. At first it balked at my efforts to help it, it didn't know what I wanted to do. I coaxed it onto a tissue and carried it outside and set it tenderly at the base of a shady plant.

Safe for one more day.


  1. Great analolgy Lori.


  2. I have done that before also, I've had compassion a time or two on the poor things.
    I have made the joke however, that I wouldn't make a very good buddhist because I squash so many bugs!
    Thank God He loves us.
    Good post

    Peace In Jesus

  3. Yes, I have killed many spiders over the years myself....many many. They always have given me the creeps :-0


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