Thursday, July 14, 2011

Because God is Real

photo of clouds behind my house

People may ask, what does it matter what you do? What you watch? What you listen to? Does anyone really care? In this age of anything goes, does it matter anymore? It matters greatly because we greatly matter to God! It matters more than ever.

Not only is God alive to us, He wants to be involved in everything we do. He has a personal investment in us! It is the difference between feeling like a latchkey kid, always having to let yourself in the door at night, and being a kid whose parents want to know where you are and who you are hanging with. Not because they are busybodies, or nosy, or want to rule your life....but because they care and want the best for you.

Not only that, but He comes alongside and helps me back up when I fail miserably. He understands that I will, but because He looks on my heart, He knows my motive. He can see if love is what drives me or something else.

This morning I was tossing and turning......It was three o' clock and I had to get up at four. I rolled over after looking at the clock, and was glad I had another hour. But I couldn't go back to sleep. I tried the 23rd Psalm, that usually works to lull me back to slumber. But this morning I got stuck on lines. The first one actually.....

"The Lord is my Shepherd......the Lord is my Shepherd.......the Lord is my Shepherd".....Thoughts crash in like ocean waves......I wonder how much time I left with my parents, Dad is turning 83 this week.....what will I do if I get a phone call saying they are gone and I didn't get to say goodbye.....What is our President doing with our money? Will we have anything left to call our own after he gets done playing monopoly with it? Maybe I should sell everything and move into the RV and put my money in a coffee can.

I shall not want, I shall not want, I shall not want.......He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

He leadeth me beside still waters.....

In Him, I have everything I need, and yet I toss and turn some more. I never go back to sleep. 3:10.....3:20.....3:50......

This morning, my first cup of coffee having cleared my head, I was thinking about Psalm 23 again. This image stayed with me. I pictured My Shepherd, His body laying down across the sheep gate in the night, the sheep gate of my life, my heart...... protecting the sheep (me) from preditors in the night.....

thoughts that go astray.......worries that won't sleep.

He says: "Don't worry, I got you covered."

Picture credit of sheep: Google images


  1. Hi Lori,
    I had that kind of night the night before last, and one of the things on my mind was also "what is the president doing with our money?" This was a really good post, so much can be learned from Psalm 23. I'm glad the Good Shepherd lays across the threshhold of our hearts to guard us like that. I will keep that image in mind for the next sleepless night.

  2. Oh I've spent many a night tossing and turning with worry and anxiety. I should try repeating the 23rd Psalm...except I don't have it memorized (maybe I ought to do that?!). And why, my dear, are you getting up at 4 a.m.????? That seems awfully early to me!

    BTW, your photo of the clouds is lovely -- I love the color!

  3. Hi Lori,
    I love the 23rd Psalm, so much comfort. Our president can sure miss up a lot of things here, our savings and 401k may go down the drain, but our treasure in heaven Obama can not touch. I love what you say:
    He says: "Don't worry, I got you covered."
    Great post and God bless,

  4. Christ as shepherd is the most comforting image I have of him. I love the parables and the stories of the Bible with us as the sheep -- and I have loved many a preachin' on that analogy as I have learned over the years what it truly means to be a shepherd.

    He's got us. He got us covered -- top, bottom, back, front, inside and outside. It's a wonderful feeling...

    but I too have my Rolodex of worries that I can flip through in the night --- thankfully, Christ has that covered too.

  5. All, of you...thank you for commenting! Memorizing the 23rd Psalm has given me comfort more times than I can count. Just visualizing the scenes and praying the words on a restless night helps so much.

    Michelle, I have to be at my job before 6 and my commute is 40 min, but don't feel too sorry for me, I work an alternating 3/4 work day with 3/4 days off. But yes, it is early!


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