Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Again

Sometimes the wellspring of thoughts and words dries up. The swirl of thoughts and words are there but they just wont settle and make any kind of sense. That's when you wait.....and let a few pictures do the talking.

Going home is wonderful but so is coming home.....

I came home to a clean house and a clean car thanks to my dear friend who I know I don't appreciate nearly enough.....thank you, Elaine.

Today I am enjoying a day off and trying to make the mental adjustment to go back to work.

It is hard trying to fit yourself back into something that feels so unnatural, something that's not your passion. I haven't yet figured out how to turn my work into passion, instead of just a means to an end.  

But God has given me this job so I know that somehow He will help me do it.

Just as He does every day.


  1. My house could use a visit by someone with an Elaine! :)

    Glad you made it back safely.

  2. Yes, she works nonstop. I don't know where she gets the motivation! And cares for her Mom!


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