Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prayer for Texas

A resident evacuates his home
These pictures tell the story.......1000 homes burned and thousands having to evacuate due to wildfires that are out of control. Please pray for everyone involved and for those fighting these fires. I pray for a day with little or no wind......These people have had no rain for months and conditions are so dry.....

A patio table and chair is all that is left

Father, I just pray that there will be no more deaths and that You calm the winds and comfort those who have lost their homes. Thank you for those who got out with their lives intact. I pray that they may be restored in body and spirit.

A cat rescued
May Your Holy Spirit grant them strength and help during this difficult time...............

Elaine just got off the phone with her cousin who lives in La Grange, Texas and they are ready to leave on a moments notice. There are fires surrounding them on all sides. Her two pet carriers are already by the front door, one for her cat and one for her Mom's.  Her husband found it humorous that  she grabbed a stuffed gorilla she had given her Dad that he had kept for years, and also the military flag she recieved after his memorial service.

It's funny, the things we reach for, what we value when all is threatened. It's not the china or the figurines, but the things that are attached to the ones we love, the memories and pictures.

Despite it all, Sandra is still in good spirits and hoping for the best. Her Mom was at the beauty shop getting her hair and nails done. Sandra says: "I guess she wants to look good in case they have to evacuate!"

Thank you my blogging buddies, in advance for your prayers!

all photos courtesy of the LA times

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