Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evening walk

An evening walk among giants......

Cicadas were the symphony backdrop, with an occasional bullfrog and the sound of ducks splashing across the pond and dragonfly wings whirring overhead.....

Fall in the desert is a bit different......no evening chill yet, the heat of the day leaves reluctantly....it hangs on until the morning hours.

Two ducks heading to communal evening bath time

Still, we know that summer is coming to an end at long last. It is slow going, and yet when we get up and are greeted with the cool air that greets the morning,
we are graced with new life....

new hope.

By the time we headed back to the car, the mosquitoes were out in force.......
but we know that soon summer will lose it's grip for good. Soon we will have the desert chill, and
fires in the firepit.........hot drinks and

everything fall.


  1. LORI,
    Thanks for the nature walk.
    What beautiful pics.
    It's like being there.
    In Jesus,

  2. What vibrant photos. Happy first day of autumn.


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