Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Speak Words of Life!

 Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged. Colossians 3:21

If you speak negative words over your children, you are cursing their future. Moreover, God will hold you responsible for destroying their destiny. With authority comes responsibility, and you have the responsibility as the spiritual authority over your child to make sure that he feels loved, accepted and approved. Joel Osteen, "Your Best Life Now"

Imagine a best case scenario for a book lover. You have a neighbor who is an Amazon seller who leaves you all the books she thinks you would be interested in. She comes like a book fairy and leaves them on my porch swing, or by the door. Each delivery is like a bit of Christmas. This is how I happened upon the Joel Osteen devotional book. I am going to stay far away from a discussion on "Prosperity Gospel Theology." That is for God to sort out. I don't believe that if we say and do the right things we will be rich and healthy. I just don't think it is in the cards, or anywhere in Scripture. Having said that, I can see the value in some of what he says, for instance:

"Negative words will cause our children to lose the sense of value God has placed within them. As parents, we have a responsibility before God and society to train our children, to discipline them them when they disobey, to lovingly correct them when they make wrong choices."

Our words carry tremendous weight, and negative and destructive ones can leave a child in ruins emotionally, dealing with the by-products and after-effects many years into their adult life. We don't hear much positive these days. What they put on the news is mostly bad. TV shows that criticise and humiliate people get the ratings. Even the humor is often cruel and sarcastic.

People are hungry for a good word. A positive word. A happy message. I think that is a big part of why Joel Osteen's pews are filled. Is there someone in your life today who is determined to stamp out your optimism? Your peace? Someone that seeks to drag you down into their muck and mire?  If you are filled with God's Holy Spirit today, let me tell you that they don't have that power. They may choose to live that way, but you as a child of God, do not!

This much is true.......A blessing is not a blessing until it is spoken. It is not enough to think it; you must vocalize it. Your children need to hear you say words such as, "I love you. I believe in you. I think you're great. There's nobody else like you. You are one of a kind." Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now

Really, we could all use some words like that. As gifts to each other, and also to ourselves......

Tomorrow I will post about how the Bible says to stay positive when you have someone determined to tear you down with their negativity.

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  1. Some parents I don't think even realize the impact of their words. Parents get frustrated and speak before they think or they don't think at all the long term effects of words like 'stupid.'


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