Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A few photos.......

These were taken at twilight in Micke Grove Park, Lodi California, where I grew up.......it was just my Dad and I running around, looking for good shots. It was a good evening and a precious memory of just the two of us.

As I walked around in the quiet of twilight, I thought of other times there when I was a kid. Going to the zoo and even then, feeling bad for the little grey fox that paced endlessly.  And years later, evenings spent running there with my then boyfriend. Good memories all......

My Dad, sitting with "The Reader" Downtown

There is something comforting about walking streets you have walked for years.......that familiar bump in the sidewalk, that alleyway with other shops you remember from before.....

And finally, the tree where I lost my first lens cap. Three trips to different stores came up empty. My Dad has taken it upon himself to look for it ever since. It has become a personal challenge to find it.....

I have so much to learn about this camera.........and photography in general. I would be grateful for any tips from you pros!

Peace and blessing to you this day, Lori


  1. Hi Lori,
    I enjoy photography too, but I am no pro. I wish I could get out more with my camera. You have some good shots here.

  2. I keep promising myself I will read my camera's manual.


    I'd rather read fiction and blogs. :)

    Love your dad posing with The Reader.

    Familiar paths are comforting, regardless of what Thoreau said. :)


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