Monday, April 12, 2010

Gratitude for time off.....

Grateful today for vacation memories that have washed over me.....thankful for the time away, an unbelievable luxury that many people don't have. I thank you God, for these blessings.

Close-up view of God's creation at Monterey Bay Aquarium#272,273
Seeing the wonder of the ocean through 11 yr old joy, Elaine's Grandnephew Josh#274
One of Carmel's many secret alleyways #275
Elaine, Bobby, and Josh at Hog's Breath Inn and Restaurant, formerly owned by Clint Eastwood... many happy memories here#276

#277 The first glimpse of the ocean, may it never get old......#278 Sounds of ocean swells gulls crying overhead.....#279 Grateful to find that some places have remained the same.....#280 Finishing all the laundry....#281 Happy voices on the other end of the telephone, knowing we are home safe.....

Keeping the gratitude alive, along with Ann and many others....
holy experience


  1. Dear reader, I sincerely wish I could understand Chinese, I will try to translate, thank you friend.

  2. Hogs Breath Inn! Looks so familiar to me. I love Carmel and the beach. It's such a lovely village.



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