Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gimme that old time religion

The last couple of weeks I have been picking a "blind pick" from my CD rack before I leave for my Saturday morning commute. I had to make Saturday somehow different, since it seems the whole world is off but me. (I know that's not true) I picked one out but then I cheated and looked at it before I got in the car. I broke my own rule.

There was nothing wrong with my pick, it was good music, but this particular morning I needed more Jesus. I needed extra power. I needed a Holy Spirit infusion.

Raise the roof, clap your hands, sing at the top of your lungs praise is what I needed.

When I need that I go one of two places, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir or the Gaithers. Well, make that three. I have to throw Sandy Patty in that line-up. This morning I chose the Gaithers. For all you "young un's" out there, if you have never heard one of their Homecoming broadcasts, you have to give a listen. You will be lifted off your feet, and I promise you will have to lift at least one hand toward Heaven.

The first song on the CD was "We Shall Rise." To my knowledge it was the only song I ever heard our Pastor at Temple Baptist Church request twice. We sang it one morning and I think it almost blew the top off the church. Instead of starting the announcements, Pastor Ken turned around and I can still see his shiny black suit and "brylcreemed hair" when he said, "I think we need to hear that one again."

I started to sing this song on the way to work but I found I couldn't squeak out a note. My throat closed up, and a fountain of tears threatened. As I listened to these grand old hymns of the faith, the remembering brought tears along with it.

I heard my other classmates sing, "Nothing but the Blood," in that upstairs room where we held Children's Church. I heard my Grandmother and her sisters voices. And I remembered when we would all get together as a family and sing hymns. I thought of how many aren't there anymore, but with Jesus now singing with the angels.

I heard the swish of choir robes as we all filed out of the choir room. I remembered Easter's and Christmases, and simpler times.

And Sunday lunch at Helwig's and Chicken on a bun.

With one hand on the wheel and one hand toward the sky.......I could almost see those Pearly Gates swing wide open. I can't remember when I had such an effortless commute. And as much as I love Christian contemporary, there is nothing wiggles quite like Southern Gospel.

And that's saying a lot for this California grown yankee gal.


  1. I love Contemporary Christian music, but....when I'm feeling low, or as you put it, needing more of Jesus, I too look to the classics: hymns and gospel tunes song by those who seem to be able to reach way down inside and release something from themselves, allowing me to do the same. Beauty for ashes.

    Thanks for sharing today. Today is 'one of those days' for me. Perhaps I'll take a spin thru my iPod and see what kind of music I can find to bring me up out of the pit.


  2. it, you will feel better I guarantee it! Bless you Pam, and I hope you get out soon. I have been in that "pit" I will say a special prayer for you tomorrow morning!

  3. nice post thanks for sharing...i found your blog thrue other follower if you might ask ...looking for to visit more...nice to share Gods word thrue our blogs..blessings


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