Monday, October 1, 2012

God's little speed bumps

Sometimes God allows things......I call them God's little speed bumps. I strained my back somehow, don't even remember how I did it. It bothers me every now and then. I spent way too many years doing hard impact aerobics when I was young and now my body is punishing me. No running this week. Agendas and lists will be tossed aside while I heal.

This morning I got back in bed until the Aleve kicked in. I settled down to read and I thought that maybe this wasn't such a bad thing.

I cleaned the kitty box looking much like a pregnant woman in her 8th month, knees apart, letting my quads do the work instead of my back. I noticed little things. The wind chimes, the lull of traffic, the sound of the litter hitting the side of the bag.

Time flows more slowly when you stop going from one thing to another without taking a breath in between.

Peace trickles in with the intentional movement of our actions, when we allow ourselves to consciously feel the rhythm of the day.

My mind, instead of racing ahead, relaxes into the rhythm to match my body. I am thankful that I am much better at this than when I was younger. Used to, I would rebel. Mentally I would kick and scream and insist on doing everything on my task list, my mind racing even as my body fought against it.

Nature calls, and right now the way I answer is the little corner of the yard where I sit. Wishing for pine trees and maples, the tossing of green okra leaves is as close as I get. They have yielded a good crop, they have done their job well. I watch the splash of green bending and twisting in the wind, and I am content.

Elaine's school bus rumbles by at 7:27 AM, and again at 7:34. Once again I marvel at God......for giving her the route that comes right by the house. Out of all the possible routes to get, she got that one. It's a God thing.

I am so grateful for that job, which has been a life-saver. She has seemed much like her old self again. Children have a way of breathing new life into weary souls. She comes home with a new story every day.

The Aleve has kicked in, and I feel better.....Yet I will continue to move slowly through this day. I will savor it, relaxing in God's speed bump. Honoring Him with my tally of thanksgiving.

Count the gifts with me and the gratitude community, won't you?

I revel in cooler temps.......the gifts of the garden......good bus route for from my Mom just now.......peace that comes when we pay attention to our bodies yield signs.......little furry creatures that enjoy it when you go back to with frothe' for a special birthday to come......thankfulness for all my blogger and online friends......the hope of the Lord which is my strength, always. #945-955

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