Friday, September 21, 2012

On autism, and painting the garage with mustard

Her voice drifts across the many miles via the telephone and I don’t have to wonder what kind of day she has had. “It’s one of those days,” she says, “where she does whatever she can think to do.” She sighs wearily, then laughs. “You won’t believe the very last thing she did.”
Hey, I am over at Bibledude today, I would be honored if you would join me there for the rest of this story........
Once again, thank you Duane for the opportunity to share my words, and part of my story.


  1. Lori...
    Thank you for sharing your story about your niece. Your parents are living grace-filled, grace-giving lives, making investments of eternal value. My good friend, Jeniel, is the mother of Rhema, and deals with many of these same issues. She and her story can be found at I know her heart would be a strong encouragement to your family as you travel this road.

    Blessings and peace~elaine

  2. Oh thank you Elaine, I will go there now. Thank you SO much. Lori

  3. BTW, I love that name, Rhema.....


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