Tuesday, March 8, 2011

God's early light....

I do love Your dawn Lord,
I feel as if I am partaking in somekind of miracle.....
something just between You and me.
And the birds.

There is something about when the first light of pink
touches the sky, earth's first waking.
Something in me grieves when I miss it,
when I am somewhere I can't see it.

It's like I've missed something important,
like a miracle.
Today I heard the first mourning dove,
which was answered by another close by.

Maybe that is why I feel a kinship
with the birds, they wake up singing.
They know it's a miracle too.

Lord, I thank you because everyday
is resurrection day after all.
The earth turns, wakes.
And it will not happen just this way

Taken from my iphone, Lodi, California.....

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