Monday, January 11, 2010

Just visiting across the fence......

Gratitude for those God has placed in my and forever. I am thankful for blogging today, for it allows us all to share and grow closer. Strangers once, but no more. Where once we met at the corner store, or the post office, or the street. Now we meet here, across this place called the "Blogosphere." We share smiles just the same as we once did across the back fence.

It's a little community all its own and I am glad you are here sharing a piece of your town, your homes, your families, your lives. We can all learn from each other....Those of us that look through windows that frame palm trees and sun, romanticize your glittering postcard scenes of snow....While you wish for our sun, nevertheless have dreams of summer. We want the winters to go on and on, because we know your beautiful summers will mean our dog-days of artificial air, suffocating parking lots, long days of oven-heat with only the promise of Autumn's magic mercy.

So, though I long for days of visiting over coffee cup brims, chatting with the mail-carrier, running over with good news or to share a hug, going downtown for lunch at a favorite sidewalk spot, or trips to the bookstore to search for hidden treasure, I am glad we share this.

Thankful today for growing up in a small town, for it helped make me what I am today. Grateful that some things haven't changed......I still stop to talk with "George" the mail-carrier, same one since I was in high school....Still stop to visit friends who will pause from what they are doing to make a fresh pot and talk....Still can walk downtown and see people I know, know what lays beyond their doors because I have many times been invited in....small miracles in this fast-paced age.

Grateful for those in my life now. I can see you all in my mind, my heart. Going about your business, your day, a part of me forever. This makes 198 grateful gatherings since I started counting!
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  1. Like this post!

    I'll drink a cup of coffee with you any day.

  2. Cassandra, how that would be great! I would love to :-)I have always wanted to visit your part of our country, maybe someday.


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