Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Small

Sometimes, when life gets overwhelming, it's a good thing to shrink yourself down and get close to a tree......and remember when you were small and the world was a very magical place where you believed leprechauns hid behind trees and watched you, and fairies played with fireflies at dusk.

You have to get small again and open your ears to what God wants to say in the deep silence.

He is saying, "See here......I have created all this beauty that you walk by everyday, just so you will know that I am here,
I have not left you and I never will.

I have made my mark and written my name across everything I have created.......and I made the moon so that you could look upon my face and be reminded and be comforted."

At times like these, I know why Jesus called His Spirit the Comforter......Just when I feel left out in the cold, like everyone "gets it" but me.....He comes and warms like a fire from the inside out.

His touch cures the ails of this world like nothing else can.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous post-the writing and the phtography. You are so right. I have to say this-I still hug trees. I know it's not correct-I mean PC, as a Christian-but I say phooey on that! I've always hugged trees. I'm off your point I know, but what you said is so very true. His mark is everywhere in nature.

  2. I love trees, the way the leaves flutter when the wind blows through them, and the sigh of the wind in the pines way up high....I am with you, I don't care about being PC, I might hug a tree myself!

  3. Getting small... so I can see God. Sacred reduction for sacred reconstruction. The journey I'm on and have been for a couple of years now.

    I see so much better than I did a season ago. I am grateful for the gift.



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