Monday, June 27, 2011

Post from the road.....

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

Wandered the grounds of the Grand Californian last evening, enjoying the relief of Southern California weather perfection.......It is amazing how a simple change in the weather can improve one's outlook. We went from the arid and blistering 110 heat of the desert and crossed over into  balmy 75 degree heaven......Ah, the simple joy of opening windows and letting things breathe........A thing that we all take for granted until we can't do it. I hope I never lose the joy of appreciation.

I was up with the chickens as usual this morning. Elaine's Nephew insisted that he would be the first one up, but I knew better. My eyes were opened at first light, at the sound of birdsong in the air. I tiptoed out to where everyone was sleeping and made the first pot of coffee, then went out to greet the morning. I was treated to a barest of sliver moons in a pastel sky.

I read from one of the books I brought.....The Holiness of God, by R.C. Sproul.....jotted down a prayer request and a blessing in my prayer journal and then took a stroll around the RV park. It was wondrous. Just being up.....just being able to be watch the birds flit from tree to tree, (we don't have trees this big in Arizona)

Made me feel like I was just waking up to creation all over again.

As I sipped my first cup of coffee made in the old aluminum pot, I was very glad I had made this trip......

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  1. God is closest to me when I am in His Creation. Or, I should say I am closest to Him.

    He totally created coffee, didn't HE?

    Happy Trails to you --


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