Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Car Wars

No pictures today, I can't get blogger to upload a single image.....

Living in a commuter-belt, as I like to call it. I long to wake up on a quiet street. This morning there was a little bird trying to compete with the hum of the freeway, that assault to my ears that takes place starting around 3:30-4:00 AM. I dream of living somewhere you could actually walk or bike to work. My friends and I biked everywhere growing up. Imagine being able to hop on a bike and be at work in about 15 minutes! I think it would improve people's dispositions a lot.

Here in Arizona the road rage is out of control. As the temperature climbs it gets worse. Yesterday I got in my car after visiting with a friend at Paradise Bakery and the gauge read 115! It always amazes me how someone can get so impatient with the poor pedestrian trying to cross the street at Walmart, when they are out in the hot sun and there is the driver, the air-conditioning blowing their hair back making exasperated faces when they have to wait.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with cars. Everyone that knows me, knows about the strange dreams I have about cars and driving. Some of my oft-repeated ones are:

I realize I am in a car and nobody is driving.

I am driving from the backseat and there is a stop sign coming and I can't get to the brakes fast enough.

I am driving a very small Flintstones like vehicle that I can easily pick up and move around. One time I dreamed that it had no floor.

I am driving in the half-light and I can barely see where I am going (usually this takes place on the freeway)

Last night I dreamt I was in a big pickup truck where I could pre-programmed  the whole trip and all I had to do was get in it and ride, the truck drove and steered itself.

I think there is a reason Europeans don't have the weight problems we have. From what I hear, they eat bread, cheese and pasta with real butter and don't gain weight. I think this is because they walk and bike everywhere. Maybe this is a myth, I don't know, never having been there.

I dream of a quieter world without motors. Don't get me wrong, I love my little car. I call it my little buggy-wuggy. (It's a bright yellow bug) I am also looking forward to taking a motor home trip this coming week, and I love that too!

I don't think there will be any kind of motorized vehicle in Heaven. I don't think Jesus needs a car to get where He wants to go.

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  1. Love this post -- love your love/hate car dream mess in your head.

    America is such a vast land, that, I guess, there was no other way to make us united except to allow us to connect. To do that -- we needed to be mobile -- voila -- the railroad -- which Thoreau complained about as he knew it was of the devil.


    It would be lovely to be able to live somewhere quiet, walk and bike to work and store, and listen to the quiet sounds of nature.

    I can now see you in your hat riding [or if its a dream being driven] in your yellow bug.



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