Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hide and Seek

"God takes everyone he loves through a desert. It is his cure for our wandering hearts, restlessly searching for a new Eden... The best gift of the desert is God's presence... The protective love of the Shepherd gives me courage to face the interior journey." — Paul E. Miller (A Praying Life)

I almost missed these little guys as I walked by.......Sometimes it is hard to find the beauty in a day, sometimes there is turbulence in the soul that distracts us from it. But it is there all the time.
This morning the sunrise made the clouds blush a wonderful pink.......God was telling me, look what I did for you! At every turn, He does something stunning in nature and it never stops. An ever changing piece of His artwork.
Life and noise try to compete for it, but we must not let it get the best of us.
That's all I got today. Getting ready for another trip to California to visit the family.
Camera ready!
Peace and Blessings for a wonderful weekend opening your eyes to what God shows you......

pics taken with iphone on a walk in the desert this spring


  1. Stunning photos ... blessings for your trip!

  2. Why thank you Susan! Can't wait to fire up the camera for some new scenery :-)

  3. Can't wait to see more photos! Have a safe trip Lori :)

  4. I love that morning --- as you said "clouds blushing..."

    I noted it this morning -- as we have the same sky -- well, I have it, then you have it..:)

    Have a great trip.


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