Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evening bird

I never ever post twice in one day but I just heard the "evening bird" and had to ask if anyone ever wonders about this as I do. Why is there always one bird singing in the morning and one in the evening? Do the birds take a vote to decide who will take morning shift and who will take evening? I wonder if they take turns?

I first noticed this in the morning because there was always a singular melody to greet me at first light when I arrived in the parking lot at work; that silly bird always encouraged me. But since I love sitting outside when God paints His evening portrait I noticed this curious pattern again.

It is never more than one bird per area. Why just one and not two? Anyway, I am glad they are there. Maybe someone can solve this mystery.


  1. Is it a robin? I think God gave them a special gift for song-I love it. I loved the previous post where you wrote that God leads us at our pace, not someone elses. I wish more people would understand that-it would make it easier on us slower ones...

  2. I don't know if it is or not? And yes I understand what you mean, I am one of the slower ones too! He knows us each individually and knows what we can handle. I take great comfort in that. Hey great write up about your blog, by the way!


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