Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close

I don't often recommend movies, but sometimes Hollywood messes up and does something right. I know the critics weren't kind to this movie, but I loved it. I usually go straight to Christianity Today for my movie reviews and most of the time I agree with their reviewer. They aren't biased and even if a film has an R rating they will rate it honestly by the film's  creative merits with a full warning about what you might be offended at.

I sometimes think we have forgotten all about what happened on 9/11, that "Worst Day" as the film's lead character describes it. What I most love about this film is how the story weaves this one boy's struggle to cope with the lost of his father with all the other characters throughout the film. We get lost in his journey to hang onto his Dad by trying to search all over New York for something he felt his Dad wanted him to find.

In his search, we find out that what we all need is a little healing. Everyone he meets along the way, he finds, has lost something, and most of them embrace his search. We see our own healing, our own journey, and we remember the healing that our country went through back then.

This movie made me remember what is most important......we all need each other. We are all on a journey of healing of some kind, and we are rooting for this boy to find his all the way through the movie.

And another thought.....what would it be like if we all stopped to turn and give that healing to one another.


  1. Thanks for the movie review. You are right, we are all on "some journey of healing of some sort."

  2. I read the book, but I hesitated to see the movie. I couldn't imagine how that story, which was so internal, could play out as narrative.

    I see few movies since so many of them are ... well, just not my cup of tea.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I reallllllly want to see this movie. I understand that there aren't too many movies out there that contain no profanity, but I refuse to watch movies with "G-D" in them.
    I wasn't able to see if this one contained that use of God's name as a curse word. Do you remember hearing that in this movie?

    1. Hi Deb, you know I don't think there were any, I think I would have remembered that because I try not to see those as well. There is one time where the little boy uses a curse word when he is very frustrated but I can't remember any others....hope that helps :-) Lori

  4. A journey of healing indeed! We're all on the road, each of us carrying a load of pain, worry, frustration. All hoping to figure out this balance and living here while keeping one eye fixed on home. I've come to realize that we're everywhere--the walking wounded. There is great pain in our world and One great God to cover all of it. I'm glad for the peace and hope I know in Jesus Christ. I pray others know it as well.

    I hope to see this movie soon.



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