Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy in the morning

As dawn colored the sky this morning, I couldn't help but think that God knew that we would need such a greeting to start the day, and close it too.

Through all the worrying that goes on after dark,
all the tossing and turning.
The mulling over of everything we should have done....

or have left to do.

This I pray for all of us today.
That in all the rushing around of this season,

that we treasure each other and the time we have together.
Help us to have open and honest conversations....
not rushed.

Conversations that bring light and healing to hearts and ears.
Help us bring relief in our actions and a presence of calm.

Help us to be eager to bring relief to anxious and weary eyes.
Help us Lord, to enjoy each other's company, knowing that though the river
of time never stops.....

That rather than just swimming furiously
or allowing it to carry us swiftly downstream,
we can stop and sit on the shore
for awhile.

Shoulder to shoulder,
quietly watching the beauty of it
flow by.

Thank you Lord for the joy that came yesterday as we decorated the house.

It shimmers with You!


  1. It's always a comfort to visit here and say "amen" to your prayers.

  2. Blessings to you both.....I will add my Amen to yours. Lori


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